3VU was founded in 1986. We are a company that specializes in the modeling, design and prototyping of automotive models. We can take care all needs relating to design, style and innovation in all sectors: aeronautics, boating, interior design, archaeological and sport replicas.

Over the years, more and more customers have relied on our professionalism and the commitment of our experts, who work daily to turn images and visions of the future into a reality. At 3VU we can realize all types of models and prototypes, from design to finishing, without neglecting any aspect, to be presented at major motor shows and international events or for companies and individuals.

We deliver a high quality product, a combination of our professionalism, production capacity and specialization that has allowed us to expand our horizons

The era of information technology and robotics has profoundly changed the world,  making craftsmanship even more precious and truly irreplaceable.

Ours is very versatile company, thanks to our equipment and for the presence of highly skilled professionals.